Band 234 of Ideal 3163
Q A S Traveler 23-4 AAA 9250717
D H D Traveler 6807 10858958
SIRE: PBC 707 1M F0203 AAA #8252710
Bemindful Maid D H D 0807 9680345
PBC 707 1M F0203
Bemindful Maid of R R 1079 7133642
R R Rito 707 5770651
PBC 707 1M F0203 AAA 8252710
Evocate Princess T 3944756
DAM: Dixie Erica of C H 1019 AAA 9973782
Schearbrook Emulous 11N7 7935005
Dixie Erica of C H 615 8783516
R R Dixie Erica of C H 447 8222860

O C C Emblazon 854E
REG: AAA#+12514348  BD: March 19,1995

Based on Fall 2009 EPDs Black Angus
Milk Total
EPD +0.8 +49 +79 +10 +12 -0.29 +10.94
Acc 0.96 0.94 0.92 0.90 0.84 0.92 -
  • One of the most famous grass genetics bull to date, and in our opinion definitely the best!
  • 854E can be found in the lineage of many great bulls.
  • sons include – O C C Magnitude 805M, O C C Prototype 847P, OCC Juneau 807J, O C C Legend 616L, O C C Headliner 661H, DDA Emblazon 27C, and the list goes on
  • Tim Ohlde considers Emblazon as a 'worthy replacement' to his sire, DHD Traveler 6807
  • This year Edie Creek Angus will be implanting 12 embryos sired by Emblazon out of three different donor dams from the OCC program:  O C C Juanada 737L, O C C Pollyanna 845M, and O C C Revolution Rose 743K
  • Emblazon daughters are amazing, from fleshing ability to udder quality they don't miss a thing.
  • We saw Emblazon at the age of 14 where he was still producing semen at stud, and could easily see why most breeders in the USA have sons in their herds!
  • 854E is the #1high accuracy bull in the breed for $EN and $W combination.  (See previous two Links for more info about $Value EPD’s)
  • He also ranks in the top 1% for $W, top 3% $EN, top 5% in CED and top 15% in RE.